Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

Today we are doing our review of the Jump Vaporizer by Atmos and in-depth study, so please stay tuned as we begin to review this vaporizer pen for marijuana and tell you all of the amazing benefits of using it on a regular basis.  This is one of the easiest to use dry herbal vape pens on the market and is ideal for using marijuana at concerts and on the go.  The battery lasts about 3 hours of actual use on a full charge, so all you really have to do is charge it up at night time and you should be good to go for the rest of the day.  Me and my friends all like to use this vape out on the porch while we’re smoking weed, and the vapor is much cleaner than inhaling smoke, so that’s a huge plus.  One bad thing about this vape is that sometimes it can burn the herb, but overall it’s a pretty even heating chamber and it works quite effectively.

Another great thing about the Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer pen is that it can quickly and efficiently heat up your herbal remedies in 30 seconds flat, allowing you to inhale the tasty cannabis vapors that will provide you with the most flavorful, tasty vapor that you have ever experienced.  This herbal vaporizer pen is rated higher than many of the other products on the market, and you will certainly know it once you test it out for yourself and discover the premium performance of this pocket sized herbal vaping pen.  If you smoke cannabis, then the Jump is the perfect vape to take with you to a concert, or other live show, as it can fit right in your pocket without too much trouble.  Simply charge up the Jump overnight and head out with it in the morning, and it should last all day.

Atmos Jump Features

The Jump features a super fast 30 second heat up time that will allow you to instantly vaporize your favorite herbal blends at the push of a button.  If you are used to using herbal pens with coils in them, get ready for an amazing new experience.  The Jump uses a stainless steel heating chamber instead of a useless coil, so you know that you’re going to get the maximum amount of performance with your unit.  This vape also has a high quality lithium ion battery that lasts up to 3 full hours of actual use, so you can take it with you hiking, camping, fishing, and more and it will not run out of juice until after you have gotten at least 3 full sessions out of it.  The vapor quality on this unit is on the high side, and I would definitely say that you get your money’s worth.  I have personally tested out a variety of other different brands of vapes on the market, and I must say that the Jump is one of the top performers out of the lower end style of units that are currently being sold and marketed around the industry.

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